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Authorized Retailer for Formex Watches

Formed in 1999, Formex charged into the timepiece market with a dream to provide watch collectors everywhere with sports watches that really stand out. They succeeded with the launch of their first timepiece, and from there, they have only been improving. Named after the French term “forme extrème,” meaning extreme shape, the Formex watches are known for their one-of-a-kind looks that still are able to fit into the world of luxury watches, leaving timepiece collectors with a versatile watch that expresses their personality.

Over the last two decades, Formex has strived to continue improving their watch designs and the company’s relationship with the customer, both in terms of the sales process and ownership of the watches. The company abandoned brick and mortar stores in 2016 in favor of direct online sales, which put them in contact with their customers from start to finish while also allowing for the creation of more affordable, high quality watch collections that don’t skip on style.

Formex Essence Chronometer Dial Macro

There are five unique collections of Formex watches, including the Element, Pilot, Essence, Diver and Motorsport. Within each collection are various watch lines and models, giving customers an incredibly diverse choice of different sports watches that no other companies have been able to rival.

Formex Essence Chronometer COSC Certificate

Individual COSC-Certificate that comes with every Formex Chronometer

At WatchBandit, we are proud to be able to offer our customers the Formex watch collections. You will find a comprehensive selection of timepieces offered by Formex at affordable prices and with free worldwide shipping to boot.