Christopher Ward London Watches: So Many Reasons to Love Them

If you haven’t discovered Christopher Ward London Watches, it’s time that you did! This up and coming luxury watch brand arrived on the scene in June 2005 and has been shaking things up ever since. The work of three friends with a passion for watches, the brand offers extremely well made timepieces for very reasonable prices.

When you compare Christopher Ward London Watches to timepieces made by other brands and examine how the company approaches being in the watch business, some distinct differences emerge. Christopher Ward London Watches:

– Only Produces Watches in Switzerland. Some brands that have Swiss made watches don’t actually produce their timepieces in Switzerland; they simply source parts from there. Christopher Ward London Watches are assembled in a workshop in Biel, Switzerland just like Rolex and Omega timepieces.

– Uses Straightforward Marketing. Instead of focusing on creating a buzz around their timepieces by hiring celebrities to peddle their watches or by sponsoring events, Christopher Ward London Watches puts their efforts into making exceptional watches and providing unparalleled customer service. They let their watches speak for themselves and have had their designs become an Internet sensation as a result.

– Price Their Watches Fairly. Most timepieces have a 700 to 12000 per cent markup, but Christopher Ward London Watches feature transparent pricing with just a 3x markup above cost. You know exactly what you’re paying for when you choose one of their stylish timepieces.

You can check out the Christopher Ward London Watches collection on their official site.

(Picture by Christopher Ward London Watches)

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