Going Into Battle with Military Watch Straps

Military watch straps have an almost cult-like following in the world of watch enthusiasts. Many collectors own dozens of these replacement watch straps and are constantly changing up the look of their timepieces with them. But what exactly are they and why are they so appealing? Read on to find out.

Military Straps Defined

A military watch strap is quite simply one that was developed originally for use by soldiers. The most well-known type is the NATO strap (Nylon/Leather), which was developed for the British military in 1973. Usually made from nylon canvas, the NATO strap slips through the spring bars and passes through again, leaving two layers of strap behind a watch. Another popular type of military watch strap is the Zulu strap. Thicker and outfitted with heavier hardware, the Zulu strap only passes through the spring bar once, leaving one layer of band under the timepiece.

Benefits of Military Watch Bands

The number one reason why people like military watch bands is aesthetics. Many men simply enjoy the way the nylon bands look on a watch. In addition, military straps are very durable and can stand up to wear during exercise and outdoor adventuring. The straps also have a flexible, comfortable feel and are lighter than metal bracelets.

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