Top 3 Things to Consider When Buying Wrist Watch Bands

Wrist watch bands aren’t something that most of us buy regularly, so it’s no surprise that so many men just aren’t sure where to start when it comes time to shop for a new band for their watches.

You can get to shopping quickly and find the perfect band by asking yourself these questions:

  1. What Size Do I Need? You’ll need to determine what width is the right choice for your watch. To do this, measure the distance from lug to lug. Most watches will need an 18, 20 or 22-millimeter wide band.
  2. Where Will I Be Wearing This? Do you need a watch that’s dressy for the office? A mesh metal band might be the best choice. Something that you can wear for casual and dressier occasions alike? A leather or solid-coloured canvas strap is an excellent solution. A style that can hold up well to outdoor adventuring or sports? Try a ruggedly crafted NATO, Perlon or Zulu strap.
  3. What Look Do I Like? You can find solid coloured, striped and printed canvas straps. Each look can be stylish, so you’ll need to decide what you like the best.

Once you’ve thought about these key points, you’re ready to start shopping for wrist watch bands. WatchBandit is sure to have the perfect band for your needs in our wide selection of styles. Check out our entire collection and feel free to contact us for assistance if you need it!

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