Nexo Denmark Watches: Danish Design at an Affordable Price

Danish watches are highly prized by collectors due to their modern stylings and impressive craftsmanship. As more and more watch lovers have begun to invest in Danish watches, the prices for these timepieces have gone up considerably, making many of the top selling brands out of reach for the man looking for an everyday timepiece. Nexo Denmark is changing that with their line of Danish watches that are sold for attainable prices.

The story of Nexo Denmark is that of Marie and Martin Heidemand, who call the island of Bornholm, Denmark home. Both of them have a passion for modern design and a true love for watches that has always united them. By launching Nexo Denmark, they seek to make Danish watches more accessible for people all over the world and to bring jobs to the island they call home. All of the watches in the Nexo Denmark collection are inspired by Bornholm itself. A deeply personal collection, Nexo Denmark features styles named after places of significance to Marie and Martin and after people that they love.

Nexo Denmark watches can be purchased from select retailers online and in stores. The brand’s collection includes not just watches for men, but also a selection of Danish timepieces for women. The men’s collection includes a wide range of looks from minimalistic timepieces with canvas straps in vibrant colours to sporty designs with textured rubber straps to vintage-inspired looks with leather bands.

(Picture by Nexo Denmark)

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