Oak & Oscar Watches: Passion for Watchmaking Personified

What’s your lifelong dream? For Chase Fancher, the dream could be summed up in one word–watchmaking. All his life, Fancher had a passion for watches. He loved to look at them, tinker with them, wear them, talk about them. He breathed, slept, ate and drank watches. And then finally, one day he was ready to take a risk and put his passion to work for him. His gamble paid off, as his watch brand Oak & Oscar is on its way to becoming legendary.

Designed and made in America, Oak & Oscar watches reflect a level of attention to detail that could truly only come from someone who loves watches. Every single feature of the brand’s timepiece is scrutinized. Even the numbers on the dials are carefully thought out. Fancher states that he spent nearly 80 hours designing and redesigning the number 8 on the face because he didn’t want it to look similar to a military number marker. The Horween leathers used in the design were developed through a year long process to ensure that the colour, durability and texture were all in line with Fancher’s high quality standards.

At present, the Oak & Oscar watch collection includes a single timepiece–the Burnham. The timepiece was named after architect Daniel Burnham and inspired by Fancher’s father who was a lover of architecture. The watch is being offered for presale for a price of $1650, and there are only a limited number of pieces available in the series.

(Picture by Oak & Oscar Watches)

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