Most Versatile Watch Strap Colours

If you tend to wear the same timepiece every day and want to be able to just slip it on as is, it’s important that you choose one a watch strap that will easily coordinate with many different colours in your wardrobe. This way, no matter what you’re wearing, your watch will be a perfect match.

These colours from our Perlon strap collection are among the most versatile options:

  • Black: Not only does black go with everything, but it also remains clean looking due to its colour, making it very popular for everyday wear.
  • Brown: Brown lends itself easily to mixing and matching whether you opt for a light brown or a darker chocolate shade.
  • Navy: Also called midnight blue, navy is a neutral colour that will go with almost anything. Like black, it doesn’t readily show dirt.
  • Grey: Light and dark grey both can be mixed and matched with ease with a wide variety of hues.
  • White: A white watch strap offers the same versatility as black; however, it can become dirty rather quickly.

Of course, there is no rule that says that you have to match your watch strap to your outfit. If you like the way a bright red strap or a soft pastel blue one looks, there is no reason why you have to go for a neutral design. The most important thing is that your watch band appeals to you. You can shop the full collection of watch straps here at Watch Bandit to see all of the colour options.

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