Nylon Replacement Watch Bands Compared

Nylon watch straps are popular with men due to their durability, comfort and style. At WatchBandit, we have three main types of nylon replacement watch bands: Perlon Straps, NATO Straps and Zulu Straps.

Here’s a quick guide to how they differ from one another in terms of:

  • Construction. All three types of nylon straps are made from the same material; however, Perlon straps are made differently than the Zulu and NATO straps. The nylon fibres of Perlon straps are made from tiny rings that are linked together rather than being condensed together the way that NATO and Zulu straps are. This gives them extra strength.
  • Texture. The differences in the construction of Perlon straps and NATO and Zulu straps also creates variations in texture. The Perlon straps look as if they are braided, while the Zulu and NATO straps are smoother with a more woven look.
  • Style. Perlon watch straps at Watch Bandit are available only in solid colors, while the Zulu straps only come in camouflage prints. The NATO watch straps are available in solids, stripes and camo prints.
  • Hardware. The NATO bands feature two slim polished loops and a matching slim buckle all made of stainless steel. With our Zulu straps, the loops and buckle are fatter. We offer the hardware in brushed matte and black PVD finishes. With the Perlon bands, the buckle is polished, but the loops are made out of nylon rather than metal.

All three of our nylon replacement watch bands can be great investments, depending on your tastes and needs. You can take a look at our Perlon Straps, NATO Straps and Zulu Straps to learn more about each style and see the different designs that are available.

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