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About the Rolex GMT-Master

After the success of watches like the Submariner, Rolex became one of the foremost watchmakers in the world with their designs being sought after by the truly elite. The Rolex GMT Master II continues Rolex’s tradition of excellence and has become one of the flagship styles of the brand. The first version of this remarkable timepiece was created in 1954 and was developed specifically for the Pan Am airline. The company contracted Rolex to create a watch that their pilots could wear to accurately track the time on long flights.

In the early 1980s, Rolex introduced the Rolex GMT Master II to bring new functionality to their popular aviation timepiece. The new design included an easy-to-set hour hand that could be adjusted to local time without having to move the 24-hour time hand featured in the design. Rolex retained the rotating bezel design, which is used to monitor a third time zone. There is no other analog timepiece that makes it as easy to monitor multiple time zones, making the Rolex GMT Master II ultra popular in today’s global economy.

When you’ve invested in a Rolex GMT Master II, you want to keep it looking its best. If it’s time for a replacement strap, you can’t go wrong with a Perlon strap. These watch straps give you all the comfort of canvas construction but with added durability to stand up to the effects of daily wear. With many color options available, you can find a Perlon strap that will perfectly complement the details of any Rolex GMT Master II.

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