Perlon Straps and Rolex Watches: A Winning Combination

While other watch manufacturers have come and gone in terms of their popularity, Rolex has dominated the luxury timepiece industry since the company was founded in 1905. Today, Rolex watches remain every bit as fashionable as they were over a century ago. In fact, no other timepiece can really rival the status and sophistication of a Rolex.

Due to their impressive quality, Rolex watch cases can last a lifetime and remain accurate timekeeping pieces; however, Rolex leather straps may wear out after a decade or so of wear. Your Rolex watch was a major investment, so you don’t want to settle for just any replacement watch strap. Fortunately, you can get a handsome watch band to perfectly complement your Rolex with ease. Just shop our Perlon Straps for Rolex watch designs.

While our Perlon straps can be used with any type of timepiece, our Perlon Straps and Rolex watches are truly meant to go together. Like a Rolex, our Perlon straps have classic appeal with plaited construction that is sophisticated while still looking simple to keep the emphasis on the quality Rolex craftsmanship. The Perlon straps are also water resistant, so they can go all of the places that your Rolex Submariner can. Plus, the straps come in many different colours and three width options, ensuring you can find a Perlon Straps look that is ideal for your Rolex. Begin your search for the ideal replacement watch strap now and experience the perfection that is Perlon Straps and Rolex watches. See the whole collection here. 


The Picture of the Red Perlon Strap on a  Rolex Submariner is from oslokiropraktoren

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