What is a Perlon Watch Band?

When you’re in the market for a replacement band for a wristwatch, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the huge number of options that are sold online and in stores today. While you’re likely familiar with metal and leather watch bands, there are other options that could be the ideal choice for your needs. One such option is the Perlon Watch Band, a versatile replacement strap that offers many benefits.

A Perlon Watch Band is a replacement watch strap that is made out of the synthetic fibre nylon. Nylon watch bands have been used by athletes, law enforcement officers and military personnel for years due to their impressive strength, and the Perlon Watch Band is the latest evolution in the nylon watch band.

To produce nylon, the fibres are made into loops that are then locked together to form long chains. This unique construction makes Perlon more flexible than other types of nylon. It also enhances the strength of the material without adding extra weight. Like a leather watch strap, a Perlon Watch Band typically fastens with a buckle. Often, the straps are plaited, so that their buckle can simply be inserted anywhere through the strap rather than through pre-cut holes, providing a greater range of sizing options.

To learn more about the design of the Perlon Watch Band, check out our collection of Perlon straps here at WatchBandit. We carry three different width options in a rainbow of colours, and each Perlon Watch Band that we offer is truly of the absolute finest quality.

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