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About the Omega Speedmaster

The Omega Speedmaster collection first debuted in 1957 and has consistently evolved over time to keep up with going trends in timepiece design. As a reliable chronograph timepiece, the Speedmaster became the timepiece of choice for many pilots, and in the 1960s, the timepiece passed NASA’s rigorous performance testing to become the official watch of the Gemini space program. In 1969, Neil Armstrong was wearing an Omega Speedmaster on his wrist when he took his famous first steps on the moon, and ever since, these luxury timepieces have been affectionately nicknamed “Moonwatches.”

Today, the Omega Speedmaster collection includes over one dozen styles, each of which features the reliable chronograph dial that has made the watch legendary. Styles are available with metal bracelets, genuine leather and canvas straps, and there are a variety of dial styles available. The modern line-up continues Omega’s tradition of producing Speedmasters with sturdiness in mind, so that they can truly be worn anywhere by a man who wants to be able to reliably track the time.

With its ultra durable construction, a Perlon strap makes the perfect complement for an Omega Speedmaster timepiece. Adding one of our high quality Perlon strap designs to the case of a Speedmaster can create a whole new look and make the watch comfortable for outdoor adventuring. With a wide range of color options, there is the perfect Perlon strap available to complete every Speedmaster. Check out the Perlon strap options now and find the perfect way to make your Moonwatch truly out of this world.

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