About the Seiko Diver

When one thinks of high performance timepieces, the names of Swiss watchmakers instantly come to mind, but Switzerland isn’t the only place where fine quality watches are born. Since the release of the first Seiko Diver timepiece in 1965, Japan has also been the birthplace of remarkably innovative watch designs.

The first Seiko Diver design was inspired by the Tokyo Olympics and featured water resistance up to an impressive depth of 150 meters. The style of the watch and its quality craftsmanship immediately caused a stir, but it was the price of the Seiko Diver that truly separated it from other diver watches on the market. The original watch and its successors sell for a fraction of the price of Swiss timepieces, making them more practical choices for many everyday men. Today, the Japanese watchmaker has a complete line of stylish Seiko Diver designs with everything from metal bracelet options to designs made with rubberized polyurethane bands. Most Seiko Diver styles sell for $300 like the skx009. When that price point is compared with other diver watches like the Rolex Submariner which starts at roughly $5,000, the cost effectiveness of a Seiko diving watch becomes quickly apparent.

Seiko Diver watches are constructed to stand the test of time, and the cases will often outlive their bands. Fortunately, you can easily replace a Seiko Diver strap with a Nato strap to enjoy a comfortable, yet ultra durable watch band. Every Nato strap is made from premium nylon with many color designs available to match the dials and cases of Seiko Diver watches.

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