Perlon Straps 18mm: Slim and Perfectly Stylish

When it comes to replacement bands for timepieces, size does matter! Choosing a watch strap that is the right width for you will ensure your comfort when you’re out and about and add to the visual appeal of your favourite watch. Many men and women prefer our Perlon Straps 18mm designs because they offer the perfect mix of style, a slender cut and incredible strength. We offer these incredible Perlon Straps 18mm replacements at value prices in an assortment of designer colours that range from neutral tones to bold get-noticed colours.

WatchBandit Perlon Straps 18mm designs are the perfect choice for men who like a more understated look from their timepieces. The 18-millimetre band is the narrowest in our Perlon range and provides ample strength and wear and tear resistance without feeling bulky on the arm. Perfect for men with smaller wrists and for wear during very active exercise or sports, our Perlon Straps 18mm styles are as toughly constructed as they are impeccably designed. The heavy-duty nylon plaiting makes the straps tear resistant and water resistant, so they can be worn virtually anywhere, anytime. The straps are 270 millimetres long and are thicker than most inferior watch straps at 1 millimetre.

Completed by stainless steel buckles, our Perlon Straps 18mm replacements are the absolute best watch straps that money can buy. Browse our entire Perlon Straps 18mm line now and see how many different ways you can enhance the appeal of your timepiece with a slim, stylish strap.

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