Strategies Matching a Perlon Watch Strap

One of the things that customers like the best about our perlon watch strap collection is that there is a whole rainbow of colours to choose from. It’s also one of the things that makes it hardest for our customers to decide which strap to buy! To help you out, we put together this quick crash course on colour theory, starring the Gaxs WILLIAM S Watch and our perlon straps.

  1. Same Colour Family. One way to match a watch with a coloured dial is to pick a perlon strap in the same family. For example, the dark blue face of the Gaxs WILLIAM S Watch goes well with the Perlon Pastel Blue Strap.
  2. Analagous Colours. For a balanced look that is a bit more eye-catching than a single colour family design, pick a colour situated on either side of the colour you’re matching on the colour wheel. That makes the Purple Perlon Strap a great choice for placing with the Gaxs WILLIAM S Watch.
  3. Complementary Colour. For the biggest, brightest contrast, pick the colour opposite the colour you’re matching on the colour wheel. For the midnight blue face of the Gaxs WILLIAM S Watch, that complementary colour could come handsomely from the Orange Perlon strap.

There you have it! Now, all you need is an image of the colour wheel retrieved from a quick Internet search, and you’ll be ready to shop the Perlon watch strap collection and find the perfect colour to complement your favourite watch.

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