Should You Install Your Own Replacement Watch Straps?

So you’re considering purchasing one of our replacement watch straps but just aren’t sure if you’ll need to head to the jeweller to have it installed or not, eh?

A lot of gents like you send us messages asking if it’s easy to change a watch strap or not. In the end, only you can decide if you want to install the replacement strap yourself. The job is usually rather simple and can be done on your own, provided you have the right tools; however, if you’re pressed for time or you have a very expensive watch that you’re worried about damaging, you may decide it’s better to have a jeweller do the work for you.

As we mentioned just a few lines ago, you do need to have a special tool to remove a watch band if you have a traditional timepiece outfitted with spring bars. Those bars are made to stay in place to keep watches from becoming lost, and trying to remove them with ordinary tools like pliers or screwdrivers is a great way to end up with a damaged timepiece.

The best way to remove a spring bar is with a spring bar remover tool. The tool is designed to push in on the spring mechanism and release it from its resting place on the lug without scratching the metal or breaking the spring. You can purchase a spring bar remover here at WatchBandit, so be sure to add it to your order along with the replacement watch straps that you’re purchasing.

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