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Hands-On: NOVE Atlantean – Taking you to bold depths

NOVE has once again surpassed itself with its famous expressionistic design, this time in dimensions and colors never seen before. As the name may suggest the new NOVE Atlantean it is inspired by the mythical lost island of Atlantis, and it symbolizes this like no other. Today we take a closer look on the new NOVE Atlantean I001-02.

From the first moment you can tell that there is a lot going on when you look at this watch; huge multiple parts case, large fluted bezel, broad PVD coated bezel insert with integrated markers, an interesting large handle on the side, floating indices of an inner bezel, enormous lume and a dial which is difficult to put into words. In this review, we’re going to take a closer look at all of these attributes of the new Atlantean.

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NOVE Atlantean I001-02

The mesmerizing dial made from abalone shell embodies the vivid colors of a coral reef of the mystical sunken city the Atlantean is named after. The nacre (also known as mother-of-pearl) of the abalone shells inner surface is highly iridescent. This means that a series of bold, changeable colors emerge, depending on the angle and the light from which it is viewed.

NOVE Atlantean on the wrist

Like the design, the dimensions of the watch are bold: With 50.5mm in diameter and a thickness of 13.95mm the watch wears massive on my 18cm / 7″ wrist, yet surprisingly comfortable due to its short lugs. Compared to the diameter the watch is relatively flat, because it does not have such a strongly domed sapphire crystal like the NOVE Trident.

With diving watches that are particularly large, however, one should always bear in mind that their size is due to the function of the best possible readability during the dive.

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The screw-down crown is positioned at 4 o’clock so that it doesn’t press into the back of the hand and also leaves room for a special lock handle, which we will analyze in more detail later in the article.

The richness of detail of the massive construction can also be seen well from the side. The designers of the Atlantean were inspired by the shapes of deep diver pressure helmets, which gives the watch not only more nautical character, but also ultimate protection against accidental nudging.

NOVE Atlantean-wrist shot-side-min

At every part of the watch it is all about the details

The fluted bezel, whose exact function we will specify later together with an other special attribute of the Atlantean, guarantees optimal grip while setting the inner dive-bezel. On top of it sits an elegantly shining bezel with integrated luminous markers. Later we will show you, how impressive the lume is overall.

Innovative lock handle

Similar to compressor design dive watches, the Atlantean has an inner bezel under the glass. It is difficult to see in pictures, but the close up of the dial and lume shot significantly shows the 3 dimensional bezel indices under the sapphire crystal.

NOVE Atlantean-case side-open-min

This bezel can be set via an innovative lock handle and bezel: The lock handle is located on the side of the case and allows you to release the bezel. While the bezel inlay is fixed, you can then rotate the fluted bezel ring and the inner dive-bezel rotates. Once adjusted to the desired position, the handle locks and seals the gasket. The fixed outer bezel inlay helps you to always locate the correct top position of your watch.

The turnable inner ring connection to the outer bezel, which is released and locked by the lever, has been innovated by NOVE in-house.

NOVE Atlantean-lock handle Bezel Function-min

The innovative lock handle on the side of the case allows for the release and rotation of the inner bezel in both directions

Check out this cool video about the exact function and engineering behind this complex bezel:

Bold, bolder, NOVE Atlantean

The Atlantean is a stunner in the dark. No matter if down in the deep sea or on land at night, the Atlantean uses the highest grade Swiss SuperLuminova luminescence as far as the eye can see, making reading the time quick and easy.

NOVE Atlantean-lume shot-close up-min

Fully luminous 3D indices of the inner dive-bezel

The green glowing details are gorgeous, especially when it reflects on the abalone shell dial. Another eye catcher are the 3 dimensional indices and numerals of the inner bezel, which appear floating under the glass. This creates an unprecedented depth of a watch face, even in the dark.

NOVE Atlantean-lume shot-min

NOVE Atlantean lume shot

Swiss precision: Ronda R150 automatic movement

If you turn the watch, the rich details become no less: A screwed down sapphire crystal see-through case back allows the perfect view on the mechanical movement with a “NOVE” laser engraved winding rotor. Information about the model is laser engraved around it, with a very special detail: A red colored Swiss flag indicates the “🇨🇭 Swiss Made” Ronda R150 Automatic movement (40h Power-Reserve). It has another special detail around it: When you can take a closer look you can notice that the movement is hold by a beautifully “N” logo laser engraved retaining ring.

NOVE Atlantean-case back-min

Rich decorated sapphire crystal case back allows a view on the Swiss Ronda R150 Automatic movement

NOVE is known for not just taking any third-party bracelets, but designing and producing them themselves. The integrated stainless steel bracelet is very solid and has screwed, brushed, hexagon-shaped middle links, while the main links are polished. These details also allow the bracelet to appear very consistent with the rest of the design.

NOVE Atlantean-bracelet close up-min

Another impressive feature is the quick-extension of the buckle. You don’t even need to take the watch off to adjust its size, all you need to do is to press down two pushers on the side of the clasp to adjust it. This is very useful and practical, as your wrist size might change during the day or you want to sport your Atlantean over a diving suit.

NOVE Atlantean-bracelet-buckle-min

Bracelet with security clasp and quick-extension

NOVE Atlantean-quick extension clasp-min

Bracelet with security clasp and quick-extension


If you’re a fan of big, unique and above all high-quality watches, the NOVE Atlantean is the dive-watch for you. This exceptional dive watch from Switzerland takes expressionistic design and Swiss engineering to another level. and catches the mystique of the ocean on its dial. Furthermore, every customer can be sure of owning a one-of-a-kind watch, as each dial has grown naturally  in a shell and therefore has an individual surface.

A watch with so much diversity in appearance and Swiss engineering is hard to find under $1,000. The watch also exists as a black PVD coated version, perfect for your night dive.

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    • Movement: Swiss Ronda R150 Automatic, 40h Power-Reserve
    • Crystal: Scratch Resistant Double Curved Sapphire
    • Case, bezel and bracelet material: 316L Stainless Steel
    • Luminous: Swiss Super-LumiNova CL3
    • Water resistance: 300 Meters / 1000 Feet
    • Size: 50.5 mm
    • Thickness: 13.95 mm
    • Power reserve: 40h
    • Warranty: 2 Years

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