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Hands-On: NOVE Trident Automatic – Bold design down to the last detail

NOVE watches show with their Trident collection, that there are hardly any limits to the inspiration in watch design: A bold-, technical-, expressionist design rich in details and contrasts, but yet extremely slim and somehow elegant. It is a watch that you need to experience yourself; Pictures barely do the watch justice and it may appear cluttered at first glance, but it isn’t. In its own way, it is even balanced and coherent. Let’s take a closer look in our hands-on review and find out how to safe 10% on a NOVE Trident at the end of this article.

Bold design, yet consistent

I don’t know where to watch first; The jagged bezel like a ninja star, the three large bezel retaining springs or the mesmerizing Tahitian Mother of Pearl dial. All of these rich details may shock on the first view, but make it even more interesting. The highest grade of Tahitian Mother of Pearl, which can take up to two years to mature and obtain from an oyster shell, is used for the mesmerizing dial. The shiny pearl effect is hard to capture in pictures and can vary a lot depending on the light conditions and angles; Sometimes it looks vivid and colorful, sometimes it looks like a dark but colorful cloud like a supernova in the universe, like it would be from another planet!

NOVE Trident reflecting wrist shot

NOVE Trident Automatic G001-02 on an 18 cm / 7″ wrist

But the impressions for the wearer don’t stop at the vivid dial, it continues immediately around it with three distinctive bezel retaining springs that are visible. Usually this part of a watch is covered under the bezel, but the Trident presents them in a very confident way. The bezel retaining springs engage in a serrated bezel, which breaks with the round design elements from the center of the watch, and break with the elegant elements to an extremely bold and technical design surrounding the dial. It somehow reminds on a sharp edged ninja star. The bezel is made from the same 316L Stainless Steel as the watch and so its color, with polished numbers on it and a dotted 20 minutes indication. It’s good that it is not for example a ceramic bezel, as this would have been too much for the already detailed and colorful watch.

NOVE Trident bezel retaining spring

One of the three big bezel retaining springs

This dive watch may seem massive on the first sight and yes, the diameter of 46 mm with its is rather bit, but it’s extremely flat due to a sophisticated double-domed sapphire crystal design on the front and back. The case and bezel are only 6.8 mm thick and together with the domed sapphire crystal glass on the top and case back of the watch it’s 13.05mm high, but wears flat and comfortable on the wrist.

NOVE Trident flat case wrist shot

NOVE have created world’s slimmest diver with the 6.8mm NOVE Trident case (thickness incl. domed glass 13.05mm)

Swiss precision: Ronda R150 automatic movement

The case back is as rich in details as the front of the watch: A screwed down case back with its domed sapphire crystal creating high visibility of the movement and it is laser engraved with informations about the model. The Swiss Ronda R150 automatic movement has a NOVE laser engraved winding rotor and has another special detail around it: When you can take a closer look you can notice that the movement is hold by a beautifully NOVE logo laser engraved retaining ring.

NOOVE Trident Swiss Ronda R150 Automatic case back

Rich decorated sapphire crystal case back allows a view on the Swiss Ronda R150 Automatic movement

My favorite and a very special detail is the red colored Swiss flag, indicating the “🇨🇭 Swiss Made” Ronda R150 Automatic movement.  The crown is protected by fluently designed crown guards, coming from the shape of the case and is kept in a rose gold color that matches the hands, indices and bezel retaining springs, which brings an overall balance in colors to the watch.

NOVE Trident Swiss Made case back

A sense of detail: The small red Swiss flag and the NOVE logo retaining ring

NOVE watches design down to the last detail

NOVE doesn’t use stock bracelets for their watches, they also designed their own 316L Stainless Steel with special shaped elements, matching the design of the watch very well.

NOVE Trident bracelet and clasp

NOVE watches also designed its own bracelet with minimalistic butterfly deployant clasp

A butterfly deployant clasp creates a minimalistic and flat clasp under your wrist.

NOVE Trident butterly deployand clasp

NOVE watches deployant clasp

The Trident Automatic uses Super Luminous technology on the watch indices and hands, which makes it easy to read in the dark. Perfect for deep sea- or night diving, the luminescent coating supports easy reading in the dark.

NOVE Trident lume shot

NOVE Trident lume shot


The NOVE Trident is tuly an is an eye catcher and not for everyone, but that’s exactly what the brand wants to achieve: Being special and having a very specific own design language for special customers who look for a watch that is like no other. The size of 46 mm is a little big for my personal taste, but even such a huge watch can be worn comfortably due its special domed top and bottom sapphire crystal and overall flatness. It’s definitely a “dress diver” and not a tool-watch per se, but definitely suitable for desk-diving and sporting. We at Watchbandit always present you modern watches that you will not get on every corner, and the NOVE Trident is definitely a time piece that makes you stand out from the crowd!

Together with NOVE watches we created the possibility of customized engravings with every order and a 10% off discount-code: „WB10“ for our loyal blog readers and customers.

NOVE Trident dive watch in hand


    • Movement: Swiss Ronda R150 Automatic
    • Crystal: Scratch Resistant Double Curved Sapphire
    • Case, bezel and bracelet material: 316L Stainless Steel
    • Water resistance: 200 Meters / 660 Feet
    • Size: 46 mm
    • Thickness: 13.05 mm
    • Power reserve: 40h
    • Warranty: 2 Years

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