Important Things to Consider When Choosing Watch Straps

If your timepiece is starting to show signs of wear and tear, a replacement watch strap can make a big difference in its appearance. The right watch strap can help you to restore your favourite watches, so that you don’t have to purchase a completely new timepiece. Following these tips will help you easily compare watch straps in order to find the right one for your watch.

1. How Wide Is Your Current Strap?

The first thing that you need to determine is what width you will need to fit your watch. The width refers to the measurement from the top edge of the strap to the bottom edge. Most watch straps are sized between 18 millimeters to 22 millimeters (11/16 inch to 7/8 inch). You can use an ordinary ruler to determine the width.

2. How Long Do You Need Your Strap to Be?

Most replacement watch bands are adjustable, but if you have a very slender wrist or a large wrist, you may want to measure for length. The length is the measurement from one end of the strap to the other end, not including the buckle.

3. What Look Do You Want?

Consider the following and you’ll be ready to shop:

  • Do you want a solid or patterned strap?
  • Do you prefer metal, leather or nylon?
  • Do you like smaller hardware or larger, flashier hardware?

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