Mitch Mason Maelstrom Super Compressor

Introducing The Mitch Mason Maelstrom Super Compressor

Storming in on the heels of the success of Mitch Mason’s Chronicle field watch, the Mitch Mason Maelstrom timepiece marks the second expansion in the product line. This timepiece is created to be the perfect companion for divers, taking its inspiration from vintage Super Compressor dive watches. The Maelstrom is characterized by its design style, featuring a bit of modern technology worked into the classic build.

The Super Compressor dive watch was the inspiration for the Maelstrom with its unique case structure capable of adapting to changes in water pressure. Its case back featured a spring mechanism, which helped the timepiece compress while the water pressure increases. Therefore, a tighter seal was created, drastically reducing the chance of water permeating the case.

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The Maelstrom takes this technology to a new, contemporary level. The 40-millimeter-diameter case is equipped with lugs that gradually slope to assist in keeping the watch at only 47 millimeters lug to lug. Complete with a stunning beveled internal rotating bezel and smart engineering, the Maelstrom is a slim timepiece measuring only 12 millimeters high. The thin size is virtually unheard of in watches with water resistance as high as 3000 meters such as the Maelstrom.

The new timepiece features a unique knot pattern on the hour hand that is unique to only this timepiece with the pattern continuing throughout other aspects of the Maelstrom. These custom-designed hands are made to be bold and easy to see, making it easy to read the time at a glance no matter what you’re doing or no matter the brightness of your surroundings. Swiss SuperLuminova-coated hands and indexes invite you to check the time even in pitch black. It can withstand the pressure of the dark and deep ocean with its 316L steel case capable of withstanding up to 300 meters of water resistance.

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The dial and internal bezel of the Maelstrom are protected from damage by way of the scratch-resistant, double-domed sapphire crystal glass placed over the top of the inner workings. Inside the timepiece is a Miyota 9015 automatic movement that keeps the time with remarkable accuracy. Protecting the inner workings is the solid sterling silver case back with screw-down properties that are stamped with artistic detailing. The Maelstrom has proven itself to be especially seaworthy as well as “see-worthy,” making it an essential timekeeper for daily wear and especially when taking to the sea.

The Maelstrom is a sturdy dependable timepiece crafted specifically with adventurous people in mind. With four colorways for you to choose from, each one is to ready to help you express your style and personality at the same time. This durable watch comes complete with a durable metal chain style band that secures to the wrist using a clasp, offering a strong hold that won’t allow it to slip.

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The Maelstrom is available for purchase here at WATCHBANDIT. It is priced at 599e, but if you place your order before December 2021, it will cost only 549€. Shipping is estimated to begin in March of 2022.

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Mitch Mason Maelstrom Super Compressor

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