RESSENCE Watches: The Rebirth of Timekeeping

Many watch brands seek to change the way watches function and how they look, but it’s not often that a watchmaker aspires to actually change the way we tell time. That’s exactly what RESSENCE has set out to do, though, with their line of modern watches for men.

Named after the words Renaissance, Italian for rebirth, and the word essence, meaning the “intrinsic nature of something,” RESSENCE has devised a whole new method of timekeeping. Their watches don’t feature two hands that circle a dial. Instead, they include three sub-dials and a hand, all of which rotate in response to the every passing moment. To read a RESSENCE watch, you must study four things:

  1. The placement of the large hand, which tells you the minutes after the hour.
  1. The placement of the largest sub-dial, which tells you the hour.
  1. The placement of the hand on the A/P dial, which tells you whether the time is AM or PM.
  1. The placement of the hand on the number and letter-less dial, which tells you how many seconds have elapsed.

RESSENCE is based in Antwerp, Belgium, and was founded by designer Benoit Mintiens in 2009. Minitiens draws inspiration from modern minimalism and strives to capture the spirit of avant garde design in each and every timepiece that he produces. Currently, the RESSENCE collection includes two styles: The Type 1 and The Type 3. Both watches can be purchased only from select authorised dealers worldwide.

(Picture by RESSENCE Watches Video by ablogtowatch)

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