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Vintage timepieces, particularly those associated with soldiers and sailors from by-gone days, are showing up on the arms of gentlemen more and more lately. As more men seek to stand out while still looking sophisticated, the interest in antique watches grows. Still, many men who appreciate the fine look of a vintage watch still want something that includes modern innovations. That’s likely why the latest Kickstarter campaign from Singaporean micro brand Ventus Watches is being met with such acclaim.

Ventus Watches launched a Kickstarter campaign in hopes of securing funds to bring their Caspian watch inspired by German World War II pilots’ watches to the market. The brand set a modest goal of $30,000 AUD to produce the first run. At the time of this writing, the campaign had brought in $172,131 AUD, nearly six times the initial amount requested! More than 530 people had backed the campaign, all eager to get their hands on the Ventus Caspian timepiece.

When you begin to study the features of the Caspian from Ventus watches, it’s easy to understand why this timepiece has caused such a sensation. For starters, the vintage-inspired timepiece has a bronze case that is intended to deepen in colour with a natural patina over time. This makes each one unique to the wearer. Due to Stretch Goals being achieved, the timepiece will be available with both black canvas and brown leather straps, both of which complement the bronze case beautifully. As a modern twist on the classic design, the dials light up in blue or red for easy reading at night.

The Kickstarter campaign for the Ventus Watches Caspian will close out on 25 April 2015, and timepiece collectors will undoubtedly have their eyes on Ventus to see what they bring to the market next. Until you can buy Ventus watches at WatchBandit you can find other interesting watches here.

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