Bloomberg Business Recommends Perlon Straps for Summer

When writer Stephen Pulvirent of Bloomberg Business needed a photograph of classic, well made and stylish Perlon straps, guess which brand’s straps he chose to include? Ours!

We’re thrilled to have been featured on the Bloomberg Business blog in early July and proud that our red, blue, green and grey Perlon watch straps were shown prominently at the top of the article.

The piece in question was about how to continue wearing a watch during the hottest period of the summer without ending up with a sweaty wrist. The article recommended Perlon straps because the weave of the bracelets has enough space between the strands to let the air still reach your skin.

If you haven’t seen our Perlon straps yet, you can check them out here in our men’s bracelet collection. Each one is artisan crafted and made from high quality polymers to last through daily use. The straps feature stainless steel buckles and are all one size fits all. Here you can read the full article: Best Watch Straps For A Sweat Free Summer at Bloomberg Business.

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