Corniche A True Appreciation for Watchmaking

Watchmaking is truly an art form, and the established luxury brands can be seen as Old Masters who continue to produce traditional designs year after year and enjoy great popularity. Occasionally, though, new watch brands emerge like avant garde contemporary artists, bringing something innovative and new to the world of watch design. This is the case with Corniche, an up and coming watch brand with broad appeal that is beginning to take Europe and the rest of the world by storm with their exquisite designs.

French Style with Scandinavian Sensibilities

Corniche is a watch brand based in Stockholm, Sweden, and at first glance, you can see the Scandinavian influence in their designs. The watches illustrate a true appreciation for balancing form and function, which is indicative of Swedish craftsmanship. At the same time, Corniche watches show off the elegance and Old World sophistication of French watches. This is because the founders of Corniche spent summers vacationing along the French Riviera and have developed a love for French style. The name Corniche is even of French origin, coming from the phrase “route à corniche,” which means a road that winds along the edge of a cliff. The southern French coast is lined with these corniche routes, and the name of the brand is a nod to the landscapes that the founders have viewed while traveling through France.

A True Appreciation for Watchmaking

The founders of Corniche believe that timepieces are meant to be extraordinary items. Often times, they are presented for special occasions, such as a graduation or a retirement, speaking to their importance and symbolism. Having great respect for the importance of watches, the designers at Corniche take great care to make their timepieces as remarkable as the occasions for which watches are often given as gifts. It is this appreciation for the importance of watchmaking that helps to set Corniche apart from other brands on the market.

Limited Edition, Remarkable Designs

Part of the reason that Corniche has made such a splash in the world of watchmaking is that the brand has a different approach to manufacturing than other brands. Instead of introducing a line of watches and selling thousands of pieces, Corniche creates one design at a time and then produces watches in limited quantities. This allows for a very high level of quality control while also making Corniche watches hot items in high demand.

The Mistral 40 Signature Timepiece

The most recent release in the Corniche collection was The Mistral 40, a men’s watch that was produced in a limited run with only 250 timepieces made. The watch features a textured genuine leather strap with a traditional round case. Made of enamel or ceramic depending on the color, the dial is painted by hand. Each case is hand engraved and both brushed and polished for a high contrast look. Sapphire glass is used in the designs as well as Miyota 2025 Quartz crystal movement systems. Very distinguished, the watch comes in both gold and silver finishes with something to suit every man’s taste.

We hope to offer the Corniche watch collection soon.

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  1. sh imran says:

    Thanks for sharing the information about the company I liked the William L.1985. Thanks again for sharing this info

    1. Good choice sheikh. The William L.1985 is really a nice watch.

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    My mom wants to give my brother a watch for his birthday. It was explained here that there are limited edition and remarkable designs for a watch. Furthermore, it’s advisable to go to trusted clothing shops when planning to buy a genuine black leather watch.

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    Thanks for sharing the information about the brand Corniche. That was full of information for a person who is a newbie or who is interested in buying a smartwatch. In this article, the description of the watch was very well versed. This is the first time I’m hearing about this brand and I learned a lot from this article. Thank you for sharing such useful information.

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    hello, question, where are these watches produced? Sweden? France? or China?
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