Dietrich Designed by a True Visionary

When a watch is designed by someone with a true love for timepieces, the difference in quality is easy to spot, and when that designer is someone with a true eye for style, the results are incredible. Dietrich is a watch brand that offers that rare lineup of timepieces, where you can truly see that each brand was lovingly created and painstakingly crafted. Highly original, Dietrich watches offer remarkable quality and impeccable modern style at an incredibly low price considering their many selling points.

Designed by a True Visionary

Emmanuel Dietrich is the man behind the Dietrich watch brand. He always had a love for timepieces and attended the Ecole Boulle design school in Paris in hopes of one day becoming a designer. His talents and creativity led him to obtain positions with some of the most prestigious watchmakers in the world. After a career that spanned two decades, Dietrich longed to create something new and different than the types of products he was creating for other brands. Inspired to go out on his own, he began creating original sketches and the Dietrich brand was born.

Performance Minded Timepieces

Part of what makes Dietrich watches unique is that they are all designed for high performance. The watches are constructed out of very high quality materials that are incredibly rugged, such as 316L steel. The timepieces are highly water resistant, so that they can be worn in all types of conditions, and they are outfitted with canvas straps that make them very comfortable to wear. Dietrich watches feature Miyota automatic mechanical movement and have innovative light red luminescent features on their dials. Perfect for athletes, outdoorsmen and men who work with their hands, Dietrich timepieces can truly stand up to tough conditions, yet they still have attractive, sleek designs unlike traditional sports watches.

A Versatile Approach to Design

Another unique feature of the Dietrich watches is that they are designed with versatility in mind. Emmanuel Dietrich believes that men should be able to wear his watches for all types of occasions, not just for outdoor activities and exercise. As a result, he has designed a line of coordinating watch straps in leather, carbon fiber and different colors of nylon. This makes it possible to remove the cases of the watches from their factory straps and change their looks to suit any occasion.

The Organic Time Collection

The current collection of timepieces produced under the Dietrich brand name is the Organic Time collection. These watches are designed with attention to balance and symmetry as well as modern style. The collection includes three different timepieces: the OT1, the OT2 and the OT3. All three retail for roughly €1000. The collection also includes five straps, which range in price from €60 to €100, depending on the style and materials. Dietrich watches are available for purchase only through select retailers, and high demands for the timepieces mean that supplies are often limited.

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