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Three of our Favourite Brands of Danish Watches

While Swiss and Japanese timepieces continue to be among the most well-known in the world of mainstream designer watches, Danish watches have avid collectors buzzing. The careful attention to both form and function that is characteristic of many of the timepieces from Denmark, and the affordable prices that these watches are sold for are giving watch lovers plenty to get excited about.

Here are three of our favorite Danish watchmakers for you to check out:

  1. Kanske. Kanske focuses on creating distinctive watches with contemporary flair using traditional craftsmanship. By combining vibrant colour with minimalistic designs, the Danish brand makes timepieces that are exceptionally stylish, yet simple enough to appeal to the man with modern taste. The collection includes the Chronrograph Supreme 201 and the analog Essence 101.
  2. Bulbul. Named after the Persian word for nightingale, Bulbul is a brand that epitomises Danish minimalism. The collection includes two designs, the pebble with its oval shape and marker-less dial and the Facette, with its round case and small dot markers. Both looks transition perfectly from casual dress to the office to after hours.
  3. Hygge. Hygge is a watch brand inspired by the Danish philosophy of enjoying the good things in life. The timepieces offered by the brand are unmistakably luxurious, yet made with flair to set them apart from others on the market. The watchmaker has a number of designs, including their unique hand-less dial styles.

WatchBandit is proud to be an authorised dealer of Kanske, Bulbul and Hygge watches and carries all of the most popular Danish watches offered by these up-and-coming brands. Shop our selection of men’s watches now, and see their unique designs for yourself.

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