The Classic Omega Speedmaster Reinvented

The Speedmaster from Omega first arrived on the market in 1957 and quickly gained fame as being the official watch of the U.S. space program. During the 1960s, everyone wanted to get their hands on the first watch that walked on the moon, and today, the Omega Speedmaster remains just as popular.

If you’re the proud owner of one of these chronograph watches, you want to be able to show it off in all of its glory, but what if your vintage timepiece is starting to look shabby? That was the case with this Omega Speedmaster watch that we recently spruced up with the help of our White Perlon Strap. The bracelet of the timepiece had become scratched over the years and was no longer catching securely. By replacing the bracelet, we hoped to not only make the watch more stylish but to also keep it safely in place.

As we considered which of our Perlon straps to use with the Omega Speedmaster, we focused on the overall color scheme of the watch. The white Perlon strap really brought out the color of the dial, and we chose the 20 milllimetre size to complement the dial.

Our Perlon strap are made from high quality nylon fibres and are plaited for wear and tear resistance. They’re also waterproof, making them the perfect companion to the Omega Speedmaster. Whether you have an Omega that you want to reinvent or another vintage watch that could use some sprucing up, we have a Perlon strap that is sure to look great and be a perfect fit. Check out our Perlon strap collection here at WatchBandit today.

(Owners WristShot by kristianc3)

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