Charlie Watch: A Brand Committed to Versatility

Most watch lovers know that they can transform the look of their timepieces by switching straps and bands with their watch cases, but how many brands actually design their watches with the intent to make it easy for men to do so? Charlie Watch is a unique French watch brand that is committed to designing ultra versatile, incredibly stylish timepieces for men who love to mix and match.

Charlie Watch was founded by two Parisians who share a love for fashion. Both of them felt limited by conventional timepieces. In order to change the looks of their watches to complement their ensembles, suit their moods or look appropriate for occasions, they had to seek out straps from other manufacturers and then worry about getting the right size and style.

“What if a design made it simpler for men to swap out straps whenever they desire?” they wondered. After tinkering with designs, the men created Charlie Watch, a brand that sells men’s timepieces made specifically to be reinvented with mix and match straps.

With Charlie Watch timepieces, you can purchase a minimalist modern timepiece and a multitude of straps to suit it. The brand even offers sets that include one watch with one or more alternate straps to get you started mixing and matching. All of the watches are handmade in Paris and sold directly by Charlie Watch in order to keep the cost of their timepieces as low as possible. You can explore their collection by visiting their ecommerce store.

(Picture by Charlie Watch)

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