Bathys Hawaii Watch Co: Go-Everywhere Timepieces Inspired by Hawaii

Modern men don’t stick to one terrain. They head into the office from 9 to 5. They hit the trails on the weekends. They swim in the ocean. They dive into the pool. They bike. They play sports. They go to the gym. And normally, they need to change their watches or even take their timepieces off completely as they move from activity to activity and from setting to setting. That is unless they are wearing a timepiece made by Bathys Hawaii Watch Co.

Bathys Hawaii Watch Co was founded in 2005 by John Patterson, a resident of Hawaii. Patterson decided to start a watch company that would suit the lifestyles of men who lived in Hawaii. There, terrains can be demanding and vary greatly with everything from mountains located thousands of feet above sea level and deep blue seas to explore all on one island. With his Bathys Hawaii Watch Co designs, Patterson hoped to create watches that could stand up to all types of extreme conditions with ease and still look stylish for streetwear.

When you study the lineup of watches currently available from Bathys Hawaii Watch Co, it’s clear that Patterson succeeded in bringing his vision to life. With watches that are highly water resistant yet also incredibly rugged, the collection offers men the durability they need to suit their active lifestyles. Affordable yet well made, the watches all have a stylish look that makes them just as good for wearing to work as they are for sporting when it’s time to play.

(Picture by Bathys Hawaii Watch Co)

2 thoughts on “Bathys Hawaii Watch Co: Go-Everywhere Timepieces Inspired by Hawaii

  1. Albert V. De Leon says:


    I have a Bathys watch that I love, but it hasn’t been running well recently, despite a new battery. Is there an authorized repair store in the US (I live in New York City) that I can trust to look at the watch and repair it?

    Thank you.

  2. Jersey says:

    Hi, I’m looking for my first Bathys time piece watch and not sure what to get. I hike, dive, surf, swim, bike, and run. Which one would you recommend. Price is not an option. Please get back to me. Mahalo.

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