Blacklist Swiss Made Watches: Luxury Watches Affordably Priced

If a man wants a well made watch, does he have to pay a fortune for a mechanical timepiece? Is that the only way to be treated to something truly luxurious? The mastermind behind Blacklist Swiss Made Watches doesn’t think a man should feel as if he’s settling if he opts for a reliable Swiss quartz watch, which is why he set out to revolutionise the industry with a completely unique men’s quartz watch design.

Blacklist Swiss Made Watches are designed in California and produced in Switzerland to give them that true air of luxury that’s truly only possible from authentic Swiss made timepieces. The brand was born from the founder’s own quest to find a perfect wristwatch. When it came time to shop, it took him weeks to finally find a timepiece that was within his price range, but it didn’t have the bold look that he desired.

With Blacklist Swiss Made Watches, men can enjoy a well-made watch that has a truly striking appearance. All of the watches produced by the brand have eye-catching dials that are produced out of carbon fiber. The timepieces are inspired by super cars and are versatile enough for all occasion wear.

Currently, the Blacklist Swiss Made Watches collection includes handmade two lines, the Phantom and the Renegade. The Phantom features sleek bar markers, while the Renegade is sportier with a mix of bars and numerical markers. Both watches sell for between $499 and $649 and are available for purchase from Blacklist Swiss Made Watches online.

(Picture by Blacklist)

One thought on “Blacklist Swiss Made Watches: Luxury Watches Affordably Priced

  1. Drew says:

    I’m not sure I would call $700 ‘affordable’ but as far as watches go I suppose they are a good choice.

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