CRESPAS Watches: Taking Diving Watches to the Extreme

Compañía Relojera Especializada para Actividades Subacuáticas or simply CRESPAS is a Spanish watch company that specialises in making diver watches for professionals and for amateurs who want to push themselves to the extreme. Although their watches have a distinctive, vintage-inspired design, everything inside of them is state of the art, allowing the watches to go to depths and take on challenges the likes of which other timepieces simply can’t withstand.

CRESPAS Watches offer an impressive degree of water resistance, but the brand is careful not to only make their timepieces worthy of going under the sea. All of the designs are ergonomic and reflective of retro chic and modern design trends. This makes them perfectly suited for wearing on the street, so men don’t have to invest in more than one watch. The timepieces are all automatics with movements made in Switzerland, and each one sold is backed by a comprehensive 2 year warranty.

In order to maintain quality, CRESPAS Watches only produces timepieces in limited runs. This allows the watchmaker to focus on making each timepiece with the utmost precision, but it also means that the timepieces sell out very quickly, as divers all over the world rush to buy them. At the time when this piece was written, all of the current lines had been sold out. While CRESPAS Watches is working to produce their next watches, they are accepting orders for custom bespoke timepieces. Head to their site to learn more.

(Picture by CRESPAS Watches)

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