FREELANCER Watches: For Those Who March to the Beat of Their Own Drum

Dedicated to the world of freelancing and relinquishing the binds that hold us in place, FREELANCER by LAIDBACK was brought to life. After a life spent around the globe, the founder believes that just like a 9-to-5 job, monotony does not belong in our lives. Thus came FREELANCER, a watch that practices what it preaches and brings excellent diversity and harmony to every watch dial created.

On a trip to Goa, India, with his father, they walked to four separate watch stores in order to find the perfect first watch for him. They struggled to find the dial that they wanted, but eventually they did, and it was one of the most memorable moments with his father. That translated to a freelancing trip with his girlfriend fifteen years later in Albania where they discovered an automatic watch that was stunning–except he still struggled to find the right dial for him. It was then that he decided he would create his very own dials and watches.

The FREELANCER is an elegant and luxurious automatic timepiece that meshes together the natural beauty found in wood with the bold statement that stainless steel makes. Together these elements represent the yin and the yang of life as does the contrast between the stark, black subdial beneath a laid-back wooden dial. These watches are created with balance in mind, therefore lending the customer the affordable elegance they are after. Made with natural materials that they are passionate about using, this watch features a 9130 Miyota movement along with a scratch resistant sapphire crystal on both the front and the back of the watch.

FREELANCER by LAIDBACK watches is being crowdfunded on Kickstarter to bring this idea into the real life market. At the time of writing, this timepiece has reached $3,951 of its $15,000 goal with 16 days left to go. Backing the campaign at $415 or more gets you a FREELANCER watch of your own.


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