Perlon Straps 20MM for Your Watch: The Perfect Size Compromise

If it’s time to replace your watch band, you want to be extra choosy about the strap that you select. It’s important that you take into consideration not only the colour and style of the band, but also its size. Purchasing a watch band that is too wide can draw attention away from the stylish details of a case, while a strap that is too narrow can make a large case uncomfortable and clunky. WatchBandit offers Perlon Straps 20MM designs that are that perfect in-between width to suit virtually any timepiece. The straps are 270 millimetres long and designed for a truly universal fit.

Our Perlon Straps 20MM replacements aren’t just ideal when it comes to their proportions. You simply won’t find watch bands that are better able to stand up to wear and tear than our Perlon Straps 20MM options. We use premium Perlon fibres, which are made up of tiny rings of nylon that interlock together to create an ultra durable material. Water resistant and virtually tear-proof, our Perlon Straps 20MM styles are heavy-duty but don’t feel heavy on the wrist. The lightweight design makes them the perfect wear-everywhere options for your watch band replacement needs.

Whether you want to keep the basic colours of your timepiece the same or completely reinvent it with a new splash of a vibrant shade, there is a Perlon Straps 20MM design that is perfect for you. Shop our full collection of Perlon Straps 20MM replacements now and see all the stylish options for yourself.

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