Travelers Collection Watches: Inspired by Patagonia

At the southern end of South America lies Patagonia, a stretch of wide open terrain that includes two coastlines and the majestic Andes mountains. The beautiful landscapes of the region attract millions of tourists every year, and now, they have inspired a line of very unique timepieces known as the Travelers Collection.

The Travelers Collection is the work of Ttanti watches, a South American micro brand based in Santiago, Chile. The collection marks the first release from Ttanti and has received a lot of coverage in the press due to its unique use of materials. Instead of constructing their watches solely out of stainless steel, Ttanti has developed a way to use natural hardwood for their cases, giving Travelers Collection timepieces a very distinctive, unique look. The watches feature Swiss made timekeeping systems and have elegant, minimalist dials with a hint of vintage appeal. The brand calls their watches contemporary but ancestral due to their mix of modern and antique design elements.

Rather than raising funds from outside investors to bring the Travelers Collection to the marketplace, Ttanti Watches has started a Kickstarter campaign to sell the first edition watches directly to the public. When this profile was written, the Travelers Collection campaign had raised $15,488 in funds against a goal of $30,000 and still had 11 days to go. The brand was on pace to successfully fund their campaign, and there were a number of rewards left to be claimed for men who want to own these remarkable Patagonia-inspired watches.

(Picture by Ttanti Watches)

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