Perfect Pairings: Buddha and Skull Bracelets

Carved metal beads add a cool effect to the look of beaded bracelets, and our Buddha and skull bracelets show this off perfectly. These designer bracelets for men look stylish on their own, but they also pair with one another to make very eye-catching looks.

Here are a couple of our favourite pairings and why they work:

  1. Buddha Turquoise Lava Bracelet & Yellow Gold Skull Bracelet
    It’s the genuine yellow gold plating on the Gold Skull Bracelet that really ties this look together. The warmth of the hue makes a stylish contrast for the cool blue of the accent beads on the Buddha Turquoise Lava Bracelet, and the colour brings out the tone of the marbling on the turquoise gemstones as well. The black look of lava rock and the black leather cord balance one another nicely.
  2. Lava Skull Double Wrap Bracelet & Buddha Hematite Lava Bracelet
    Layering a double wrap bracelet can be tricky due to the wide size and statement-making look of this type of design, but the Buddha Hematite Lava Bracelet was practically made to go with the Lava Skull Double Wrap Bracelet. The silver tone of the hematite beads blends in with the hues of the lava rock on the skull bracelet perfectly.

Skull bracelets from WatchBandit can be mixed and matched with any of our gemstone bracelets as well as our nautical rope bracelets. Shop the entire skull bracelet collection now and find a look that inspires your fashion creativity, so you can get started making your own combinations.

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