SNYPER Inspiration from Tactical Forces

What does it take to truly explode on the world stage as a maker of luxury timepieces? SNYPER seems to have mastered the technique with their line of high performance, modern timepieces. What started as a small company has grown to become a brand with worldwide recognition. You’ll see the SNYPER logo at many world class events, including the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the BMW Talent Cup, as well as on the wrists of celebrities, athletes and everyday men who appreciate the finer things in life.

From Small Brand to Global Company

SNYPER is a luxury watch manufacturer based in Geneva, Switzerland. The first SNYPER wristwatches debuted at the end of the 2000s. Although the company did release timepieces to rave reviews, SNYPER remained a relatively unknown brand during its first years. Then in January 2011, Daniel Favre and retired Formula 1 race car driver Jean-Denis Delétraz purchased SNYPER. Both men were promoted to enter the business because they saw potential in the unique designs of SNYPER and believed they could take the brand worldwide. In just a few short years, they have more than accomplished their goal, making SNYPER a brand that watch enthusiasts know and respect.

Inspiration from Tactical Forces

While SNYPER has a wide selection of timepieces, all of the watches produced by the brand show the influence of tactical watch designs. This not only influences their overall style but also adds to their durability. SNYPER watches are truly capable of standing up to demanding conditions and can be worn during sports, exercise and outdoor activities. At the same time, their details make the timepieces ultra stylish for streetwear, giving SNYPER versatile appeal that has contributed to the growing popularity of the brand among men who want luxury timepieces but also value functionality.

State of the Art Manufacturing

One of the most unique things about SNYPER watches is their manufacturing process. Most men’s timepieces are made from stamped metal, but SNYPER uses a completely different approach. Artisans begin with a solid block of top quality precious metal, such as stainless steel, genuine gold or titanium. The metal must be machined for up to 12 hours to create a single timepiece. The cases are all hand polished, and the timepieces are assembled and designed in Geneva.

A Diverse Collection

The SNYPER brand lineup currently includes four main collections. The SNYPER One line is the original timepiece launched in 2009, while the Snyper Two collection features an updated diversion of the original design. The Ironclad collection is one of the newest innovations and features signature red markings that set its models apart. Lastly, there is the F117 collection, which draws inspiration from U.S. military aviation timepieces. SNYPER watches are only available at select retailers around the world and from a limited number of online shops.

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